Now that you are beginning to settle into your new country and community, we understand that that you have many new questions such as how can I learn the language? Or where can I get information on accessing health, welfare and educational services. Through our PROMISE online  educational course we aim to provide refugees and migrants with an interactive set of learning resources to gain the knowledge, skills and cultural “know how” they need to successfully integrate socially, culturally and professionally to their new community. We have created region specific courses for new communities now living in Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Germany.

Who is this course for?

As a result of using the online course, Refugees and Migrants will improve their digital and language skills, but most importantly, gain access to the very practical knowledge and information that they need to enable them to becoming part of their host community and integrating socially, culturally and professionally.

Education Providers will also learn of new digital tools and methods for increasing engagement, improving learning effectiveness and promoting self-learning amongst refugees and migrants.

How to take the PROMISE Online Course:

Our Promise Online Course for Refugees and Migrants is broken down into 4 individual learning strands each consisting of guidance, knowledge and information signposting to help you find the additional resources that you may need. It is clearly signposted for easy, flexible, self-led learning. Each strand can be used as a standalone learning strand, however we recommend that you complete the self-assessment test first so that you can see what areas you can increase your knowledge in. The self-assessment in conjunction with the additional learning resources will ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

Choose your Country

Choose your Country