KulturLife has a great network of vocational schools in the region as well as access to NGO’s working with migrants and refugees. This network is constantly active, including them in diverse Erasmus+ funded projects, or in touch sharing best practices and involving them in other activities.

To reach the projects objective of developing mechanisms for sustainable collaboration between organizations and stakeholders providing integration services to refugees and recently-arrived migrants so that they may plan their support structures and training activities in coordination with other actors we have extended our network successfully.

KulturLife had the chance to present the project to a teachers committee working on the topic of German as a second language on 13.06.2019. And also during the round tables of ProVention (counselling office for prevention of religios extremism) in cooperation with the cities’ Department of Childrens’ and Young Peoples’ Affairs on 12.09.2019. Further we developed a partnership with the local youth jobcenter and take part in their meetings once a month, which enables us to get in touch with teachers, youth workers involved in the social inclusion of refugees and migrants as well as the local government.

Getting to know the players and stakeholders in own’s region is important to share information, knowledge and skills as part of a collaborative learning process to further improvements in the quality of education for the integration process.

These contacts help us further promote the PROMISE project, asking for feedback on the developed IO’s as well as using their networks to increase the project’s reach.