The main purpose of the PROMISE project is to provide learning resources and useful tools for integrating refugees and migrants arriving and setting up in the territory.

To this regard one of the projects that Frontiera Lavoro is realizing is the LIFE project which deals with Work, Integration, Training, Empowerment. It is aimed at foreign citizens third countries regularly staying in the national territory including asylum seekers to provide them the necessary tools for their  integration into the society and to face the world of work with greater awareness and autonomy.

Frontiera Lavoro offers Italian language courses for active job search, i.e. Work micro language paths to enable more effective and conscious active job search.

The proposed activities include two different paths:

– The first path is aimed at refining the Italian language for job search (basic lexicon for active research, CV writing, reading ads and contacting companies for self-promotion, conducting job interviews);

– “The second path for pupils with greater language skills and personal autonomy, aims to allow to master the technical terminology related to contracting, tasks, levels of framing and tasks lexicon of workplace safety and food hygiene.

During some of these language courses that were held in the period of November – December, the PROMISE project was presented to the participants; and some of them are interested in  experimenting with the project tools.

We can therefore say that the knowledge of the language of the  host community is an essential tool for integration, intercultural understanding and social cohesion.

It is important to prioritize language skills, as they can help increase the autonomy of individuals and are essential to their process of global integration both from the point of view of education and  job opportunities.