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The main purpose of the PROMISE project is to provide learning resources and useful tools for integrating refugees and migrants arriving and setting up in the territory. To this regard one of the projects that Frontiera Lavoro is realizing is the LIFE project which deals with Work, Integration, Training, Empowerment. It is aimed at foreign

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Frontiera Lavoro Cooperative, among its services, manages the Immigration Desk in the territory of the province of Perugia, a service that is carried out within the Citizenship Offices. The Immigration Desk started with the intention of providing orientation and assistance to refugees and migrants searching for job. The general objectives of the proposed activities and

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Third Project Meeting

The third project meeting was held on 13-14 November 2019 in San Sebastian, Spain hosted by CEBANC. The partners discussed about the following results: IO2 Social Inclusion Toolkit, IO3: Online Education Resources for Service Providers and IO4: Online Resources for Refugees and Migrants. The PROMISE Project partnership would like to thank Nerea del Campo who

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Adult education

Adult education has long been considered one of the most impactful and sustainable routes to integration. Our PROMISE project seeks to become the vehicle that provides many useful learning resources to refugees and migrants who are beginning to make their new lives in our local communities. Equipping communities and adult education providers with the knowledge,

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PROMISE Erasmus+ project gets underway

“Promoting refugee & migrant integration through education” The PROMISE project kicked off in Roscommon on October 30th of 2018, Roscommon Leader partnership held the meeting in their offices in Roscommon and representatives were there from all of the partner countries. This meeting was the perfect way for everyone to get introduced to each other and

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