Adult education has long been considered one of the most impactful and sustainable routes to integration. Our PROMISE project seeks to become the vehicle that provides many useful learning resources to refugees and migrants who are beginning to make their new lives in our local communities. Equipping communities and adult education providers with the knowledge, resources and cultural know how is the overarching goal of our PROMISE project.

To date PROMISE has explored many different pathways that exist into integration right across Europe, but in particular focussing on Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Turkey for research purposes. Our research document concentrated on defining the terms, Refugees, Migrants and Asylum seekers within each of the projects participating regions and analysed areas such as

  • How to apply for a status of residency
  • Statistical Integration data
  • Access to the labour market
  • Access to vocational education
  • Level of education
  • Availability of language and other courses

This allowed us to put a European context on our research and also identify the barriers and varying situations that exist in these countries.

PROMISE is also developing A Social Inclusion Toolkit that presents best practice from across the EU which educators can replicate or adapt in their own communities. The aim of the toolkit is to increase the ability of educators to deliver effective, personalised and culturally sensitive education to refugees and migrants who are starting their new lives in our communities. We are busy working on the final content to be published and awaiting feedback from educators who are working directly with these new communities. Keep a close eye here

Over the coming months, we will be developing an innovative learning framework that provides refugees with opportunities for knowledge and skills development in the areas most needed for a successful transition into a new life working closely with the themes identified in the Toolkit.