Frontiera Lavoro Cooperative, among its services, manages the Immigration Desk in the territory of the province of Perugia, a service that is carried out within the Citizenship Offices.

The Immigration Desk started with the intention of providing orientation and assistance to refugees and migrants searching for job.

The general objectives of the proposed activities and the services provided can be summarized in the following points:


The desks’ activities are born with the intention of accompanying users in the search for employment.

The service provides essential knowledge and information to move independently and actively in the job search.


  1. Information on immigration legislation

One of the functions of the desk is also to provide information on legislation relating to the issue of immigration, to give clear and updated indications given the continuous and incessant changes in immigration.


  1. Compilation of postal kits

Since the compilation of the documents is quite long and not always clear, many foreigners turn to the help desk for assistance in handling the paperwork.


  1. Mediation activities with the various Bodies, Police Headquarters and Prefecture in particular

Since the Help Desk provides personalized support; consequently, more and more often, users ask for support in situations in which they are unable to cope with the practices that concern them.


  1. Social benefits and accompaniment to services

Assistance in the explanation of the notices and in the compilation of the forms necessary for the request for contributions such as: rent, scholarship, request for support for children, etc.

The services offered are aimed at supporting foreigners through individual growth paths to make them independent and integrate them better.

Furthermore, in the last period, users who have turned to the service have been shown the Promise project and it has been explained that we are working to provide online tools, which will surely be useful and supportive of integration.

An application downloadable on mobile phone  that can be consulted regarding information points, services (health, social, schools) that provide language courses or professional training, etc.

Comparing ourselves with our users on these aspects is important, because it allow us to better understand their difficulties and needs and to be able to work better in the realization of these tools that are fundamental to them in order to achieve good integration.