It was with great pleasure that we invited our European partners to Kiel in Northern Germany in May 2019. Besides the usual topics, which are essential for the successful coordination of so many partners, it was a special highlight to present some of our model projects from the region.




For this we invited Erin Hübner from the ZBBS (see the overview of our model projects). From her lecture it became clear to all of us how important it is to have a good connection to all groups and authorities involved in the efforts to integrate migrants. Such an intermediary, to whom new migrants can turn with trust and confidence, provides indispensable services to prevent migrants from getting lost in the bureaucratic jungle.

In addition to this network organisation, we also visited a very hands-on project for women (which now also accommodates men), in which a neighbourhood initiative has developed a project where beautiful and useful utensils are created by recycling certain articles. For example, small bags are sewn from flippers for swimming lessons of small children (which are indestructible but only used for a short time), which can be used, for example, for writing utensils or cosmetics. With the vivid colours they are especially attractive for young people and well-sought after Christmas gifts.


With these examples we have shown what a wealth of initiatives exists in small and medium-sized towns, which have emerged essentially from the private initiative of individual citizens and which make a significant contribution (above all through the great empathy shown to migrants) to fulfilling the integration criteria we have described.